sexual abuse

Trauma and Taboo

Stephen looks at how the Church is often better equipped to help sinner than those who are wounded by the sin. “We have a whole sacrament devoted to forgiving sins… Read More

Abuse on the Margins

Stephen examines the heartbreaking stories of children from already-marginalized communities who were also sexually abused by clergy. Some of these families were offered little to settle their claims. “Clerical sexual… Read More

Pray for Poland

Stephen examines the revelations of sexual abuse by clergy in Poland. “My sense is that the Church in Poland is much closer to the beginning of this mess than to… Read More

Analysis: What’s next for Cardinal Pell? (CNA)

By Ed Condon- This is an analysis of Cardinal Pell’s conviction of five counts of sexual abuse of minors and subsequent sentencing to six years in prison. Pell has maintained… Read More

Obstinate Misdiagnosis (First Things)

By Mary Rice Hasson- The leader of the Catholic Women’s Forum writes on the mistake she perceives of the Vatican’s focusing on a class of victims (minors) rather than the… Read More

McCarrick Abuse Trial: A CNA Timeline

By Michelle La Rosa- A handy reference timeline chronicling the canonical process that ended in McCarrick’s laicization. It covers June 20, the announcement from the Archdiocese of New York to… Read More

The Case of Theodore McCarrick: A Failure of Fraternal Correction (Commonweal)

By Boniface Ramsey- A priest who heard many rumors of McCarrick’s behavior while working at a seminary, Fr. Ramsey wrote to the nuncio (Archbishop Gabriel Montalvo) in 2000 to report… Read More

Why does the Catholic church keep failing on sexual abuse? (The Atlantic)

By Emma Green- This profile of Cardinal Sean O’Malley that appeared in The Atlantic sets up the various challenges reformers in the Church face on the issue of sexual abuse… Read More

Opus Dei paid $977,000 to settle sexual misconduct claim against prominent Catholic priest (The Washington Post)

By Michelle Boorstein- This article broke the story of the sexual misconduct of Rev. C. John McCloskey, who was a prominent Opus Dei priest who spent many years as the… Read More

NY archdiocese issued suitability letter for priest under abuse investigation (CNA)

By Ed Condon- As an example of either carelessness or a lack of concern, the Archdiocese of New York sent a letter of suitability (stating that the priest is of… Read More

Piecemeal but Concrete Beginnings of Reform

Stephen writes about the Holy Father’s acceptance of the resignation of auxiliary Bishop Salazar after alleged “misconduct with a minor.” “The Salazar case is a textbook example of the need… Read More

Jesuits sent abusive priests to retire on Gonzaga’s campus (Associated Press)

By Emily Schwing, Aaron Sankin, and Michael Corey- This investigative report uncovered that the leadership of the Jesuits in the Oregon province had a longstanding pattern of quietly placing over… Read More